jDiction Packages

jDiction 1.4.0

This is the changelog for the upcoming release. In This release we drop support for Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla 3.3 and older. If you use an older version please 1.3 series.


  • Added Contact translation
  • Added url debug parameter ?jDictionDebug=1 and ?jDictionDebug=2 for query string debugging
  • Fixed utf8 Url translation.
  • Added controller variable support for addToolbar
  • Added debug option description.
  • Initialize on first query instead when plugin loads.
  • Added 3.4.0 support, removed Joomla 2.5 und 3.3 support.
  • Add support for componentHelperjDiction::parseRoute
  • Reworked Initialise¬†System to be more robust and works with Joomla 3.4.0 (1.4.1)
  • Removed¬†included flags and switch to Joomla! native flags. (1.4.1)
  • Fixed flags in backend. (1.4.2)
  • Added language tag as display option in module. (1.4.2)
  • Finally fixed Joomla 3.4 language switching problems. (1.4.2)
  • Cleanups
  • Bugfixes
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