jDiction Packages

jDiction 0.8

This release is a prerelease Package there is no warranty of any kind, you use this at your own risk!

Please make a backup before you install this release.


  • Added Estonian Language Pack thanks Estonian Translation Team
  • Added preloading support per table.
  • Only change queries with supported tables
  • Added joined Table support
  • Prefer JQuery manipulation instead of mysql query parsing
  • Complete XML Scheme change
  • Added XML Scheme in Extension directory support (added jdiction.xml to Component Admin path)
  • Cleanups in Export and Import
  • Added Support for multiple views per component like com_menu
  • Fixed defect table in com_menu menu list view
  • Added global caching for DBO::getTableColumns() and DBO::getTableList()
  • Added plugin for com_finder for content table and abstruct class
  • Fixed if a Joomla installation is in a subdirectory
  • Fixed mod_jdlanguage, language switching is now working with/out SEF and SEF Rewrite
  • Backend used the Backend default Language instead of Frontend default Language
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