jDiction Packages

jDiction 1.1.0

This release is the second stable Package there no warranty of any kind, you use this at your own risk! But we are glad to help you if there are any problems. 

Please make a backup before you install this release. 


  • More checks on check page.
  • Fixed Translation.
  • Added support for content delete event. (thx pagchen)
  • Fixed FOF event view. (thx pagchen)
  • Load all component language files in backend.
  • Support GROUP BY queries without JDatabaseQuery but without adding JD_KEYS
  • Added support for different keys per view (used by JEvents)
  • Use task parameter to find view (used by JEvents)
  • Fixed editor problems in Backend in Joomla 3.x
  • Better support for 3rd party components.
  • Optimize jdiction.xml finding function. (hugh performance impact if you have many components with many directories)
  • Add caching for jdiction.xml finding.
  • Uninstall optimization.
  • Cleanups
  • Bugfixes
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